About Royal Montessori

How did a successful financial advisor become owner of a Montessori school? It may sound like two completely different worlds, so here is our back story…

As a father of 3 beautiful children, I want to give my kids the best possible education coupled with everything a warm and loving household can offer—things such as love, care, respect, warm meals made from grass fed and organic products, unrushed nap time—and that’s just to name a few.

I was very frustrated with what I was seeing around me. I had to either choose from hardcore education with minimal TLC or lots of pampering without giving much emphasis to education. I knew I wanted to give the world to my kids, but couldn’t find anything that would make me happy. Coming from Wall Street, I felt like kids were treated like a commodity versus being treated like kids. I had a vision of what I wanted Montessori School to be and after giving it much thought, I decided to make my vision a reality.

You ask: “What makes us different from other schools/daycare centers?”

Give us a shot! We are local, we are your neighbors and we will take care of your kids just like our own.